NotaryCam Updates eClose360 Product

July 19, 2022

NotaryCam updated its eClose360 platform to expand its capabilities and deliver a better user experience for both notaries and document signers.

The system updates include integrations with escrow software vendors, allowing managers to view every transaction in their system to allow for increased internal visibility and transparency surrounding the document and transaction. The updates also enable enterprise clients to use the eClose360 platform autonomously while maintaining access to NotaryCam’s industry-leading customer service team.

“In this latest update, we built in some hierarchy control permissions and privileges that will benefit all our clients but especially for our large enterprise clients that want more internal control over the platform,” said Rick Triola, NotaryCam division president. “With that understanding in mind, we set out to build a product that would meet their needs, and the expanded capabilities and options available in eClose360 will have a significant impact for those larger enterprise clients.”

NotaryCam’s enhanced dashboard allows all parties to view the transaction progress and access the video recording, and its publicly available application programming interface (API) integration has also simplified the client onboarding process.

With expanded browser options, NotaryCam users can now access the platform on the browser of their choice, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and more. Additionally, the platform is mobile-friendly, allowing users to easily participate in a remote online notarization (RON) transaction using a mobile phone or tablet. Additional features include an autosave function and the hassle-free ability to make last-minute document updates, such as fixing a typo or adding a document to the transaction.

“With the ability to make changes to documents, notaries can attain the necessary permissions and update documents on the fly rather than requiring the signers to reschedule the transaction for a later date,” Triola said. “Giving notaries the capability to fix a typo or add a last-minute document without bringing the transaction to a halt is just one of the reasons NotaryCam successfully completes 99.8% of its real estate closings.”

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