Anderson|Biro Expands Team With New Recruiter

July 28, 2022

Cleveland-based Anderson|Biro Staffing announced the addition of another professional recruiter to its team.

Elsie Rodriguez joined the firm to work directly with candidates to help match them with the right employers. As part of her role, Rodriguez screens resumés, selects qualified candidates and coordinates interviews. She also facilitates assistance and next steps for new hires preparing for orientation. She also maintains contact with candidates and employers to ensure a smooth experience and increase the likelihood of retention.

“Elsie has done a fantastic job of engaging and motivating candidates throughout the job search process,” said Jessica Murphy, Anderson|Biro Staffing’s vice president of operations, “Candidates can find a job search difficult and sometimes overwhelming to navigate, but the energy, positivity, and enthusiasm she brings to the table are what makes her a great addition.

Prior to joining Anderson|Biro, Rodriguez spent nine years in the pharmaceutical industry before pivoting into the recruiting field.

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