SoftPro Releases New Integration With Doma

August 25, 2022

SoftPro released a new integration with Doma Title Insurance Inc. that allows the underwriter’s agents to place title insurance orders through SoftPro. The integration allows Doma agents to electronically order closing protection letters (CPLs) and policy jackets without duplicating data entry and without leaving their SoftPro environment.

“SoftPro is pleased to offer the Doma integration so that our mutual customers can reap the benefits of a streamlined process that securely receives and sends data and documents,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “They are able to maximize their efficiency and productivity through this new integration.”

In addition to securely ordering Doma CPLs and policy jackets electronically, users can update an existing CPL, request a void of an existing CPL, update an existing policy jacket, automatically retrieve policy jacket numbers, and request a void of an existing policy jacket.

“We are excited to extend this improved SoftPro user experience to our title agent and attorney customers, which will boost their efficiency and make working with Doma as seamless as possible,” said Emilio Fernandez, president of Doma Title Insurance, Inc. “Ultimately, these improvements will help achieve Doma’s mission of creating a vastly more simple, efficient, and affordable closing experience for these customers as well as mortgage lenders, other real estate professionals, and perhaps most importantly, homebuyers and homeowners.”

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