Information Security and Wire Transfer Fraud are critical topics for the land title insurance and settlement industry. Wire Transfer Fraud is a threat to every title operation regardless of size, location or years in business. ALTA’s priority is helping you protect your systems, plan for a rapid response in case of an incident, and prepare your employees, clients and customers to be aware and vigilant.

Industry Standard Policies and Tools

Employee Training and Awareness

Resources for Your Clients and Consumers

    • Wire Fraud Tips Video: Share this 1-minute video with homebuyers so they know how to protect their money.
    • ALTA Wire Fraud Video: This 2-minute video provides four tips on how consumers can protect their money and offers advice on what to do if they have been targeted by a scam. Link to this video from your website, include in your email or share on social media.
    • ALTA Wire Fraud Infographic: ALTA has produced this Rack Card explaining Wire Fraud. ALTA Members can brand the infographic with their own information at the ALTAprints website.
    • ALTA Wire Fraud PowerPoint for Consumer Education: (Member-only content) Use this presentation to educate consumers about the dangers of phishing emails and wire transfer fraud. The presentation provides information on what to do if you’ve fallen victim to a scam and also highlights 10 tips to prevent wire fraud.

Get Information to Help Your Business and Your Customer Protect Closing Funds

Information Security Articles

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 Hackers Using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to Spread Malware
December 7, 2023

If you use Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, you should be extra careful about the links and files you open. A new attack campaign has been discovered that uses these platforms to deliver malware named DarkGate, which can steal your data, spy on your activities, and even encrypt your files for ransom. 

3 Common Misconceptions About Password Security
November 21, 2023

Everyone knows that choosing a strong password is a critical step in securing the various systems and accounts we all use daily. However, you may be surprised to learn that some commonly held beliefs about passwords are more harmful than helpful. Read on to learn about three of these misconceptions to ensure that you and your business are armed with the right information to keep up with the latest password security best practices.

ALTA Insights: Real-life Uses of AI in Title
November 16, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its myriad uses is the hottest trend across all industries this year. But the title insurance industry is at the brink of a significant transformation, with AI and Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT providing an opportunity to bring about groundbreaking efficiencies and accuracy. Listen to this webinar recording and where these powerful tools can be used while carefully managing potential risks.

Review of NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations Proposed Changes
November 14, 2023

The New York Department of Financial Services has issued three rounds of proposed amendments to its cybersecurity regulations. Read on for a review of the latest proposals and requirements for covered entities.

Mr. Cooper Cybersecurity Incident Exposes Customer Data
National Mortgage Professional  |  November 13, 2023

It's been over 10 days since Mr. Cooper experienced a cybersecurity incident that impacted its servicing system and now it believes customer data was exposed. According to an SEC filing, the attack could cost the company at least $5 to $10 million. According to the company's website as of Friday morning, "We are continuing to investigate precisely what information was exposed.