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Wire Fraud Tips Video
Share this 1-minute video with homebuyers so they know how to protect their money.

Industry Resources

ALTA Outgoing Wire Preparation Checklist: Use this checklist as a best practice for verifying outgoing wire information.

ALTA Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents: The standard ALTA Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents has been developed by the ALTA Information Security Committee. Download and customize:

ALTA Wire Fraud Infographic
ALTA has produced this Rack Card explaining Wire Fraud that includes the steps a consumer should take to avoid becoming a victim of wire transfer fraud.

ALTA Wire Fraud PowerPoint for Consumer Education: (Member-only content) Use this presentation to educate consumers about the dangers of phishing emails and wire transfer fraud. The presentation provides information on what to do if you’ve fallen victim to a scam and also highlights 10 tips to prevent wire fraud.

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Wire Fraud Resources

Protect Your Money from Wire Fraud Schemes
Buying and selling a home is an exciting time, but there can be pitfalls for unsuspecting consumers.

Consumer Resources

Think you are a victim of wire fraud? Follow these steps to avoid becoming a victim

Be Vigilant

Call don’t email: Confirm your wiring instructions by phone using a known number before transferring funds. Don’t use phone numbers or links from an email.

Be suspicious: It’s uncommon for title companies to change wiring instructions and payment info by email.

Forward, don’t reply: When responding to an email, hit forward instead of reply and then start typing in the person’s email address. Criminals use email address that are very similar to the real one for a company. By typing in email addresses, you will make it easier to discover if a fraudster is after you.

Protect Your Money

Confirm everything: Ask your bank to confirm the name on the account before sending a wire.

Verify immediately: Call the title company or real estate agent to validate that the funds were received. The sooner it is detected that money has been sent to a wrong account, the better chance you have of recovering the money.

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