ALTA Develops Sample Job Description and Advertisement Library to Aid Hiring Process

November 29, 2016

A clear and detailed job description is vital to attracting talented recruits.

The first thing to do is start with the basic requirements for the position. Then take it a step further and identify particular skills and qualities that will pave the way for success in that job and, possibly, a career path in the land title industry.

Define what exactly this person will need to take responsibility for on a daily basis and how it will be measured. Construct a complete job description that includes your requirements for the position. Not only will you attract qualified candidates, but you will receive replies only from those who are confident they can fill the role you are outlining in your job description.

Need help? ALTA has created sample library of job descriptions and advertisements. Job descriptions range from sales managers and searchers to agency managers and policy typists.

ALTA’s Education Committee's Workforce Development Subcommittee partnered with the National Network of Business and Industry Associations to explore ways to understand how workforce development programs may be beneficial to the land title industry. Through this partnership, ALTA was awarded a grant from the ACT Foundation to develop a library of sample job descriptions and job advertisements.

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