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Under Construction

ALTA's website has recently been under construction while migrating to an all-new Association Management System (AMS).

While parts of the website are ready for use, the Registry Management System (RMS) remains closed.

What Does This Mean for You?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide an exact date that the RMS will be available to all, but we are hard at work to make this happen as soon as possible.

While the RMS is unavailable, you may email all requests to

The ALTA Registry Team will be able to process some requests manually and will hold the remaining requests until such time the system becomes available.

Requests that must be placed on hold (at this time) include:

  • New ALTA Registry listings
  • New Underwriter Confirmations for existing Registry listings

The ALTA Registry Team thanks you for your patience during this transition.

Registry Website

Regardless of who you are, to search confirmed listings, select this option to be directed to the ALTA Registry website at

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