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The ALTA Title & Settlement Agent Registry is a searchable online database of underwriter-confirmed title agent companies and underwriter direct offices. Also included are real estate attorneys who submit attorney licensing information as confirmation.

Why do we need the ALTA Registry?

Lenders, title agents, real estate attorneys, title underwriters and other participants in the closing process must be able to identify each other and communicate in a timely and consistent manner throughout the mortgage transaction. Because there has been no unique ID number used across the industry to help match provider records in different databases, communication has often been difficult and costly for the title industry and its customers. This is especially important with new regulations driving vendor oversight requirements and the need for collaboration.


As the national trade association for the land title insurance industry, ALTA is perfectly positioned to develop and maintain this industry utility. ALTA offers a unique 7-digit identifier, the ALTA ID, which is automatically assigned to each new database record as a permanent ID number and is never changed, reassigned, or reused. Branch offices have their own ALTA IDs and may be connected to primary business locations with no requirement for consecutive or numerically correlated ALTA ID numbers. ALTA ID numbers are available for free to title agents and to real estate attorneys.

What happens next?

Underwriters who want to confirm agent listings will participate in an on-boarding process so they will be ready to confirm agent listings. Once initial on-boarding is complete, title agents and underwriter direct offices will be able to review their existing ALTA records or, if necessary, add new ones. Once records are reviewed and confirmed, users may request an ALTA Registry listing via the ALTA Registry Management System (RMS) section of the ALTA website. Underwriters will review and confirm title agent requests to be listed in the ALTA Registry. Real Estate Attorneys will also be able to request a listing by submitting attorney licensing information as confirmation.

Confirmed listings for title agents, underwriter direct offices, and real estate attorneys will be published in the ALTA Registry and made available for searching. Consumers, lenders, and technology vendors will benefit by confirming the identity of providers using the ALTA Registry without the need to collect and aggregate data from underwriters. Lenders will be able to confirm identity earlier in the transaction and track any changes.

Did we meet at ALTA ONE in Scottsdale?

The Registry Zone in HQ LIVE hosted conversations and demonstrations of the ALTA Registry and the ALTA Registry Management System (RMS). If we missed you, don't worry! More information is available below.

If you have questions about the Registry, you can also contact staff at