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Reach Consumers

Educating consumers is vital to growing your business in the digital world.

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Reach Your Customers

REALTORS®, lenders and others in the settlement industry can help explain the benefits of title insurance. Use the tools to train your clients.

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Reach Regulators

Regulators work with our industry to build a better product every day. It is important that we help our regulators understand our messaging.

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All Resources

The HOP Committee has developed over 100 resources that you can use to market your business and educate your customers.

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Start Here

Get your feet wet with some of our most popular items. This curated set of resources will get you started.

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Social Media Marketing Calendar

Stay in contact with your customers with this yearly calendar of social media posts.

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Featured Resource

Seller Impersonation Fraud in Real Estate

Fraudsters are impersonating property owners to illegally sell commercial or residential property. Use this one flyer to educate REALTORS about the dangers of Seller Impersonation Fraud and how to spot fraud.

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ALTA members can easily customize more than 60 HOP resources with their company logo and contact information, download modified digital files for free or order discounted print products for use in their local market.

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Presentation Resources

ALTA has created several powerpoints that ALTA members can customize and use in the marketing and sales process with homeowners, internal staff training, and to spread awareness of wire fraud.

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Digital Marketing

Blogs and social media content can help propel your message to your community, and help you become the subject matter expert.

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Internal Training

Internal training reflects a solid knowledge of the organization's culture and identifies the exact skills and knowledge that participants need to succeed in their jobs.

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HOP Leader Resources

Current HOP Leaders Gain Access to a Library of exclusive content developed by the HOP Committee, including the latest presentations.

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Spanish Language

ALTA has translated some of our most popular items for ALTA members to use in their markets.

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Communication Templates

Use these easy-to-use and professionally- designed templates for all your homebuyer communications and presentations.

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3rd Party Resources

ALTA has compiled a list of resources from other trade associations that you can use in consumer education.

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