Get Customers in Your Door with ALTA’s Consumer Marketing Workshop

August 8, 2022

ALTA Offers Consumer Marketing Workshop Online

Fears of a recession, higher mortgage rates and limited housing supply continue to put pressure on your company’s bottom line. But homebuyers are still in the market, and you still need to bring in new business. Fortunately, ALTA’s Homeowner Outreach Program (HOP) is hosting a virtual Consumer Marketing Workshop to help you keep customers walking through your door. The content is provided in just six hours spread over two days so you can attend from your office, dinner table or favorite coffee shop and still get your work done. Joining us for the Consumer Marketing Workshop couldn’t be easier—or cheaper—and will re-invigorate your marketing while helping you gain a competitive advantage in your market.

The Consumer Marketing Workshop will equip you with the tools you need to coach others on how to explain the benefits of title insurance to consumers. Just think: If you could easily teach your employees as well as your Realtor and lender partners to understand how title insurance works and why it’s important, you would have a whole new team of people talking title!

In just two days, the workshop will help you:

  • Position your company in a digital world and reach new customers
  • Effectively engage and inform your employees as well as Realtor and lender customers
  • Captivate your audience from beginning to end
  • Stay within the law
  • Utilize the marketing materials ALTA provides
  • Learn the ins and outs of HOP and why the program was developed
  • Discover tips and tricks during a 60-minute HOP presentation

 Once the workshop is completed, attendees are entitled to the following perks:

  • 10% discount to ALTA major meetings
  • Opportunity to speak at industry events
  • Listed on ALTA website as an official ALTA-trained HOP Leader
  • Certificate of leadership

ALTA’s Consumer Marketing Workshop, Powered by HOP
Sept. 12 - 13, 2022 

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